Owning a swimming pool is a big investment but it does provide for a great source of entertainment and fun as well as to spur you onto a healthier lifestyle and spending quality time with your family. You long for one that will sweep you away to your own relaxing oasis right in your backyard.

Depending on the type and size of your chosen pool, the price to pay for your pool differs. The least costly type is the above-ground pools which are a DIY (do-it-yourself) kind of installation. The in-ground pools will involved a lot more additional cost before your backyard can be transformed into your relaxing paradise. In order to find more about the cost of building your pool, just logon to the web and search for Kelowna pool cost to get an idea of the varying costs that comes with your choice of pool.

Irrespective of the type of pool you have chosen, here are a list of things that you will have to factor into your budget before embarking on your dream pool.

1. If you have chosen to build an in-ground pool, the initial cost will start with digging and excavating the solid at the identified area in your backyard. Then, you will also have to consider the cost of hiring the excavator and the removal of soil from your backyard.

2. After the soil has been removed, next comes the cost of your chosen pool. Pools are available in varied ranges made of different materials in different styles from the traditional block and liner to the modern fiberglass shell. All come with their respective benefits and detriments with varying price tags.

3. After factoring the cost for laying the foundation and the cost of the chosen pool, the remaining costs will go the accessories, equipments, decorations, landscaping and well as maintenance cost.

4. Whatever is the type of pool you have installed in your backyard, they all require strict and frequent maintenance to keep it clean and healthy for you and your family. Accessories and equipments require maintenance and add towards the costs. All types of swimming pool require accessories such as;

(i) Filtration System: Every swimming pool needs a filtration system for the water. The filtration system selected must be able to handle the amount of water in your swimming pool. The filtration system is important to ensure the removal of bacteria which can be harmful. It also removes all small particles and debris.

(ii) Pool Vacuum: A pool vacuum is needed to suck up all the particles and debris which has sediment at the bottom of your pool. Each pool vacuum is specific to the type of swimming pool you have chosen or purchased.

(iii) Strainer Basket: A strainer basket works together with your pool’s filtration system and the pool vacuum. The strainer basket is used to eliminate floating debris and insects from the pool. You should strain you swimming pool every time you use it. The strainer basket is a primary cleaning tool.

(iv) Pool Cover: It’s also advisable you purchase a swimming pool cover. Swimming pool covers are available in several types of colors, sizes, and materials. A swimming pool cover will help to enhance the efficiency of the filtration system, pool vacuum and the strainer basket by preventing particles, debris and insects from infiltrating your swimming pool.

(v) Cleaning Chemicals: Chemicals are much needed for the pool water in your effort to maintain the water pH. It is an important responsibility to ensure the health of swimmers in your pool.

(vi) Maintenance Chart: It is advisable to invest in a maintenance chart to monitor the upkeep undertaken for your swimming pool.

5. Landscaping and decorations are additional cost to add the aesthetic beauty to your chosen swimming pool as well as your backyard. The cost will vary depending on the theme, type of plants, features and furnishing you have designed for your backyard. It could a Roman garden with sculptures or a tropical garden with lots of palm trees or an infinity pool that comes with streams and fountains. The more elaborate your design the costlier it will be to transform your backyard into your dream paradise.

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